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what is risograph?

Risograph is a print process that combines elements of screen printing and photocopying, printing one colour at a time and building up layers of colour to create your image.

The risograph itself is a machine that looks similar to a photocopier, however rather than using a toner cartridge, the risograph creates images by rolling a stencil of your image onto a drum of ink (above) rotating as paper passes through the machine and passing the image onto each sheet at a high speed. Each risograph drum has a unique colour ink, and printing in multiple colours is achieved by swapping drums in and out of the machine.

It serves as a cost-effective way of printing large volumes, and has a number of qualities that make it stand out compared to conventional methods.

Risograph printing has an inky, textured appearance, due to its unique inks and colours, which are different to traditional inks. Risograph inks are soy-based and transparent, meaning they overlap with one another and create unique colour combinations which contribute to risograph's unique aesthetic, similar to screen printing.


We currently have nine colours for our risograph. Risograph inks do not comply with any colour coding system, so Pantone references are close approximations. Because of risograph's unique inks, we are able to print with fluorescents and metallics.

What can we print?

We can print posters, flyers, zines, books and more. Risograph printing is suited to printing in multiples. As most of the cost of printing is in the set-up, printing is more cost effective when printing with fewer colours, and printing in larger quantities. We can print individual prints, but recommend printing at least ten copies for prints, or 50 copies for books and zines. Check out our print guidelines for more details on Riso's capabilities.

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