"Withnail and I" by Two Headed Dog

"Withnail and I" by Two Headed Dog

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2 color screenprint

Edition Size: 30

Sheet Size: A2

Screenprinted on 300gsm Munken pure.

Signed and number by artist


About Artist

Dublin born musician and illustrator, Two Headed Dog aka Eric Davys is currently one of our Screenprint Technicians. He studied Design Communication at IADT in Dublin and also became a tattoo artist during the course of his career.

With a background in the punk music scene a lot of his work has involved the design of record covers, posters and the publication of many different fanzines.

About the print

“We've all been there. The lingering terror associated with attempting to tackle a rotten kitchen sink with the mother of all hangovers. Its usually on a Sunday, when you're blinded by the bastard behind the eyes and feel like a pig shat in your head. Is there a rat living in the oven? Is that tea bag growing? Then you feel that surge of energy, the last scrap of defiance in your guts..You march towards the sink, with a rubber glove on one hand, and a pliers in the other. The fucker will rue the day!

I've always loved Withnail & I. I tried to capture this act of domestic heroism in these nicotine-stained yellows and filthy browns and hope I did these two tortured souls at least some justice..