"Spinal Tap" by Craig Potterton

"Spinal Tap" by Craig Potterton

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2 color screenprint

Edition Size: 30

Sheet Size: A2

Screenprinted on 300gsm Munken pure.

Signed and number by artist


About Artist


Craig Potterton is a print and graphic artist who took inspiration from the cult classic mocumentary This Is Spinal Tap for this humorous take on rock and roll’s love for excess.


Artist statement

My name is Craig William Potterton. I have no memories of being born but i assume i was. My proportions are roughly human. My favourite meal is crisps and my favourite time is 10:30am.

When i first saw Spinal Tap i thought it was a real documentary. I continue to believe this.


www.craigpotterton.com (Website down at the moment. In the meantime please visualise some amazing stuff).