Necessitas Etiam Timidos Fortes Facit(Need Makes Even the Timid Brave) by Neil Dunne

Necessitas Etiam Timidos Fortes Facit(Need Makes Even the Timid Brave) by Neil Dunne

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This print was made as part of our 2017 exhibition Culture: A Visual Snapshot of Now. We asked artists from all over the world to lay down where we're at in 2017. 

''An overwhelming amount of imagery that circulates through my art is formed upon the depiction of my understanding of the ‘Urban’. Within these spaces the ideological wars on right and wrong are played out among the concrete, the voice and actions reverberating through art and the process of creation.

This image juxtaposes the solemn portrait ‘La Maddalena’ by Andrea Vaccaro with the stinging display of tear gas at the Baltimore riots. My intention throughout this piece is to portray a sense of despair and anguish, capturing this through the emotion of the portrait and the genesis of the riot. Each image dictates a series of emotions to the viewer; it encapsulates the longing gaze to a higher power, reflecting on the emotion of the chaos behind.

The Latin subtitle references the activation of public movements, the mass collective gathering of our young people to change and question the way our systems work, this is really inspiring to me as an artist and is celebrated through this piece.''


3 colour risoprint 

Edition Size: 30

Size: A3

Risoprinted on Munken Pure 200gsm

Signed and number by artist

This poster is sold unframed securely packaged in a cardboard tube.
Please note colours may vary between computer screens. 

About Artist

Neil Dunne is a young print artist currently researching an MFA at the National College of Art and Design. His works explores the the significance of the urban landscape on personal experience creating work that responds to the inner city of Dublin.

Instagram: neildavidjames