Tilly Grosser by Laura McAuliffe

Tilly Grosser by Laura McAuliffe

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This print was made as part of our 2018 end of year show Damn Fam: A celebration of people, process and practice.

4 colour hand-pulled screenprint

A2 / on 300gsm Grey Context Paper

Edition of 11

About the print

Her work here celebrates how clouds are, by their very nature, amebic shifting entities, Ill-defined by line. In this diptych, she attempts to carve out a thrashing outline of soft vapour, with pastels and jarring red to further the distortio

The piece here is inspired by a recent reading of 'A man's search for meaning' by Viktor Frankl, which is essentially a meditation on the definitive boundaries of a person's spirit, and how these boundaries are in flux.

About the artist

Laura McAuliffe is a Canadian artist based in Dublin. Her work is an exploration of the powers of medium transience and the fluidity between drawing and print.

McAuliffe is an avid drawer and printmaking adds an element of blocky colour and spontaneous design to her process. She lays down colour as she prints, deciding on how many layers as they build on the foundation of the line work. There are no computers or photoshop in her work, instead she relies on instinct and guesswork as to how the piece will come together in the end. The labour involved in pulling each layer of colour makes each successful piece that more satisfying and anchors and restrains the process in an essential way.


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