Kevin Waldron - Damn Fine City

Kevin Waldron - Damn Fine City

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Colours - 3 ink colours 
Size - 700 X 500 mm (Ikea and Habitat friendly frames )
Stock - Screenprinted on 300gsm off white acid free stock 
Edition size - 100 
Prints will be packaged in a postal tube.

I crossed from the south side of Dublin to the north each day on my way to college. I’ve never worn a watch, I resisted the obligatory mobile phone for as long as a man could. Apart from the bus ticket I got while boarding, I would rely on the clocks of Dublin to determine if I would make my lecture on time

My uncle always said that to appreciate Dublin you should look upwards. That’s why I focused on the beautiful, old red bricks & sign for this print

I don’t live in Ireland anymore, I mostly come home for weddings. I read that a lady called Carmel Moran was the only person still living on o’connell street, in an apartment above mcdowells. She moved on recently I believe but was a resident there for some 30 years or more. It’s interesting for me to think of the changes she would have seen from her window as I approach the milestone of living abroad for longer than I did in my place of birth.

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