'Untitled' by Karen Browett

'Untitled' by Karen Browett

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This print was made as part of our 2018 end of year show Damn Fam: A celebration of people, process and practice.

2 colour hand-pulled screenprint

50mm x 70mm / on Fabriano Elle Erre' 220gsm

Edition of 11

About the print

The work here is a long meditation on the moon, its phases and effects which includes a quote from the classic Coleridge poem. Her approach to the work is completely non linear, experimenting with textures, collaging and mark making, using snippets of sketchbooks, memories, texts and found objects while playing with exposure times and multi media approaches until a new context becomes clear.

The text in this piece was first made on an Adana Press in Imprint Shadow from heavily marked letters from The National Print Museum trays. They were then copied over and over and scanned repeatedly, resized and traced over by hand to include the noise built up by repetition.

The white blocks were made by exposing cut out opaque card. The Moon was made by painting onto an acetate, the crosshatched squares drawn on by thin paint marker, and the fencing was created by exposing fabric netting directly onto the screen. By working in this way and testing each element continuously, Brownett puts her own indelible personal mark on the final image.

About the artist

With a background in the punk and DIY music scenes, Browett is musician, artist and designer who creates her own work and apparel at her home studio called Cosmetic Plague. She’s also an accomplished printer and tutor, running textile courses at Damn Fine Print and working as a studio technician at IADT.

Her works and solo shows have travelled throughout Europe and she’s honed her skills for the past five years at Damn Fine Print where she’s as comfortable working to the tight structures of commissions and professional jobs as she is embracing the more chaotic, playful and anarchic approach that has become her own signature style.

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