Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)
Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)
Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)
Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)
Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)
Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)

Sebastar Ink 0.5KG (For Paper)

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SEBASTAR is a water-based screenprinting ink range for printing paper (>130 gr/m2) and cardboard. It consists of 9 strong, bright mono pigmented colours, together with black and white and a transparent base to form a complete blending system allowing the matching of virtually any shade. The series of basic colours are a mix of opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colours.

We chose it as our in-house range for the excellent printing results it provides. We love the brilliancy of the pigments, its satin matte finish and its ability to print extremely detailed images of the highest quality without difficulty. Plus there is little to no corrugation or warping 

Main Features 
  • Matte to satin finish
  • Low odour
  • Bright Colours with medium to high opacity
  • Excellent printing stability and sharpness
  • Good adhesion on different materials (“Crosslinker 105”, (add 2-3 %) can be used to improve the adhesion) 
  • All ink colours in the range can be mixed with each other in any ratio
  • Overprintability - Sebastar inks can be easily overprinted with colours in the series. With exception of the Gold and Silver colours which should be printed by preference in the last order as the overprintability of bronze, silver based pigments can result in adhesion problems.

Screen Printing recommendation
Meshes between 90- 150 are suitable for most applications
Fluorescent colours are recommended to be screen printed with 90 mesh

The Inks are ready to use but can be further reduced with water 5-10 %
5-7 % of retarder 032 can be used to slow the drying time

Drying for 10 -15 minutes at room temperature. 
The drying of the inks happens by evaporation of the presence of water. The drying time will vary according to different printing parameters such as film thickness, air ventilation or the different diluents/retarders that are used. 

Emulsion for waterbased colours systems is recommended

Water can be used, make sure you do it immediately after the printing process. 

A medium-hard 75 shore is recommended

Depending on the colour/screen to be used, the average coverage is around 40-50 m2 /l

Storage / Shelf life 
1 year in closed packaging