Oaxaca-Zocalo by Harriet Bruce

Oaxaca-Zocalo by Harriet Bruce

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This print was made as part of our 2018 end of year show Damn Fam: A celebration of people, process and practice.

1colour hand-pulled screenprint

280 x 400 / on 300gsm cotton rag

Edition of 20

This poster is sold unframed securely packaged in a cardboard tube.
Please note colours may vary between computer screens. 

About the print

Her print here, entitled  ‘Oaxaca-Zocalo’, is an illustration from a short story ‘Corolla’ that Bruce wrote for her dissertation at Trinity College Dublin - a project that she printed and bound while working at Damn Fine Print.

The story follows a day in the life of a disappearing girl caught shuttling between two tragedies as she travels between two cities in Mexico. The text is printed in red and black on both sides of one large sheet of architectural tracing paper as a way of challenging the conventional reading of a book. This image explores the balance of elements at the centre of the city as the protagonist feels herself detaching from it.

Her use of text is primarily rooted in the politically charged woodcut posters found all over the walls of Mexico’s cities and town, and the ex-votos (votive paintings on scraps of tin or wood) that she saw scattered in churches and at the feet of saints, where small inscriptions accompany beautiful illustrations of miracles and divine intervention.

About the artist

Harriet Bruce is an illustrator and printmaker with an interest in literature, trained in both Paris and Dublin. Her visual practice explores the close relationship between text and image, often using typography or, conversly, illustrating her response to critical theories of language.

Instagram: @harriet.bruce