“Feel Good All Day” by Neil Dunne

“Feel Good All Day” by Neil Dunne

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3 colour screenprint 

400 mm x 500 mm 

300gsm Munken Pure 

Edition Size 40

Signed by Artist 


(20% of proceed from the sale of this screenprint go towards St.Patricks Mental Health Services)


These two prints developed through approaching positive thinking to my surrounding environment. Working with my own deviation of 1900s constructivism and 1800s history, I wanted to create two works that will promote positivity and well being with my own stylistic approach which is heavily influenced from the surrounding architectural features and the historical context of Dublin as a city. Through these works I wanted to promote a feel good message, utilising our history, architecture and culture to propagate awareness and acceptance of mental health.


About Artist

Neil Dunne is a young print artist currently researching an MFA at the National College of Art and Design. His works explores the the significance of the urban landscape on personal experience creating work that responds to the inner city of Dublin.