The Other Pigeon House by Two Headed Dog

The Other Pigeon House by Two Headed Dog

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Hand Pulled Screenprint

A3 sheet size  297mm x 420 mm

300gsm Munken pure (off white) acid free paper

Edition of 10

Signed by artist

Artist statement

These prints grew out of a gnawing urge to experiment . I’ve lived in Dublin my whole life and these images are all from photos taken during times exploring lesser known corners of the city.

The Pigeon House is a derelict shop on Manor Street where hundreds of our dear feathered rats congregate and every once in a while take to the sky with the booming sound of many wings. I definitely have a soft spot for these creatures. Clubbed feet, missing eyes, picking at discarded burgers and much worse along the dark streets. They truly are the toughest, most resilient things I’ve ever witnessed.