Collins Rising By Will St. Leger

Collins Rising By Will St. Leger

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EXCLUSIVE to Damn Fine Print - Collins Rising, 2 layer limited edition hand pulled screenprint by acclaimed street artist Will St Leger

***THIS IS THE AP edition of 3 ***

Sheet Size: 20inch x 30 inch
Screenprinted on 300gsm Arches 100% cotton rag, deckled edge
Signed and number by Will St Leger

Will St. Leger is a Dublin based artist/activist famous for his iconic and though provoking street art. Colins Rising is his tribute to Michael Collins who sacrificed so much to secure our liberty. 

"Committed volunteers like Collins never got leisure time, bonuses, holidays or luxury goods. They dedicated their waking hours to defeating their oppressors so others could be set free.

Our little republic is not perfect, but we are not under the dominion of unelected monarchs, we have a constitution and we are free to utilize the tools of democracy, freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. Liberty should never be considered a luxury, it is a fundamental human right.

If Michael had more time after the Civil war, he might have travelled the world, he might have married his sweetheart or raised a family. We might have spotted him striding down the street, shopping bags in hand after buying something nice for himself or girlfriend. My screen print, ‘Duty Free State’ is an aspirational piece of work about a man who missed so much because he cared too much.

Because of men and women like Collins, I enjoy the freedom to satirise icons like him without fear of restriction or the threat of imprisonment and for that I’m grateful.

Michael Collins you deserve one free night off." - Will St Leger