What is risograph?

The risograph is a high-speed printer, which merges the process of screen printing and photocopying; printing one colour at a time and building up layers of colour to create your image. It serves as a cost-effective way of printing large volumes, and has a number of qualities that make it stand out compared to conventional methods.

At Damn Fine Print, we can take your files and turn them into your own prints, flyers, posters, zines, and more.

Risograph Print Bundles

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The Risograph Process

Risograph images are printed one colour at a time. Files are sent to print from a PDF on a computer. The risograph takes your image and makes a stencil of it, which then wraps around an ink drum, which is inside the machine.

To print, paper is fed straight through the machine from one side to the other. Once the paper is fed in, the ink drum rotates, transferring your image onto the paper, and pushing it out the other side.

The colour of your image is determined by which ink drum is in the machine when you make your stencil.

to print with

multiple layers

Available Ink colours

Risograph printing uses soy-based inks of different custom colours, printing one colour at a time using a series of ink-filled drums which are swapped in and out of the machine as required. We currently have:


Pantone Black U
RGB0, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100

fluoro orange

Pantone 805 U
RGB 255, 116, 119
CMYK 0, 55, 53, 0

metallic gold

Pantone 872 U
RGB 172, 147, 110
CMYK 22, 33, 68, 8

fluoro pink

Pantone 806 U
RGB 255, 72, 176
CMYK 0, 72, 31, 0


Pantone 637 U
RGB 94, 200, 229
CMYK 49, 0, 11, 0

medium blue

Pantone Reflex Blue U
RGB 50, 85, 164
CMYK 87, 59, 0, 0

bright red

Pantone 185 U
RGB 241, 80, 96
CMYK 0, 67, 60, 5


Pantone 354 U
RGB 0, 169, 92
CMYK 73, 0, 81, 0


Pantone Yellow U
RGB 255, 232, 0
CMYK 0, 9, 100, 0

please note:


smudges, marks and heavy ink coverage

Double-sided printing

Our papers

Munken Polar

A crisp white stock available with a smooth or rough finish, similar to Munken Lynx but slightly warmer.
Available in:
Smooth and rough: 170gsm.

Munken Pure

A soft ivory shade which adds a touch a of warmth, with a smooth finish.
Available in:
100gsm, 120gsm, 170gsm, 240gsm.

Munken Lynx

A cool, neutral, high quality stock with a smooth or rough finish.
Available in:
Smooth 100gsm, 120gsm, 170gsm, 240gsm, 300gsm or Rough 170gsm.

cairn straw cream

A distressed recycled stock, with tactile, textural fibres running throughout.
Available in:
120gsm. (Due to the stiff finish, this feels more like 170gsm.

context birch

A very popular recycled stock with a subtle fleck and a smooth finish.
Available in:
170gsm, 225gsm.

context flint

A very pale grey stock with a smooth finish. An ideal and sturdy substitute to newsprint, with the same newspaper-like feel.
Available in:
110gsm, 140gsm.

coloured papers

please note

paper size

file set-up checklist

This checklist will help ensure your files are ready to print before sending your order.

Please send PDF files, not JPEG or any other format.
NO layers, NO transparency, NO InDesign Effects.

To Flatten in Photoshop:
When saving your PDF tick the “As a Copy” box.
To Flatten in Illustrator:
When saving your file untick “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” box.

Set resolution to 300dpi. Lower resolution will leave your images pixelated.
Files should be A3 (297 x 420mm) in size.

Do not set text below 6pt, and do not set knockout text* below 8pt.
*Knockout text is white text on a coloured background.
Do not set any stroke weights to lower than 0.5pt.
Increasing contrast in your photos will help them print clearer.
DO NOT make any large areas of heavy ink coverage darker than 75% in density.

What do i need to send?

A separate greyscale PDF file for each layer of your design, labelled by colour.

Example: “Your_Name_Yellow.pdf” “Your_Name_Black.pdf”

An additional colour JPEG of your artwork, showing us how your finished piece should look.

All set?

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Alternatively, our risograph print bundles offer quick and easy pricing for your project.

Risograph Print Bundles

2-Colour Bundle

3-Colour Bundle

Business Card Bundle

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