'Keep At It' by Ashwin Chacko

'Keep At It' by Ashwin Chacko

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Are you considering a creative career? Not sure about making your jump to freelance. This line of business is not easy, after a decade of freelancing, Ashwin Chacko wanted to put out a book to help other creatives on their journey. This is a book of inspirational quotes and tips to propel you along the way to inspire you to Keep At It.

About the Artist:
Ashwin Chacko is a Dublin based storyteller, illustrator & designer. He works under the moniker Whacko Chacko. 

His style is influenced by contemporary culture and is rooted in his love for music, comics, tattoos and street art. 

His  compositions focus on a strong use of whacky characters intermingled with typography and patterns to create his own spin on the story being told. 

His versatile style uses a variety of mediums from traditional mediums of paint and print making to digital art.



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