'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady
'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady
'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady
'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady
'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady
'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady

'Sylvan - Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady

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'Sylvan Pink & Russet' by Alastair Keady

3 colour hand-pulled screen print.
420 x 297mm on 600 gsm Artic Cotton paper. Edition of 8, signed and numbered by the artist.

About the Piece

It’s a Valentine’s print, but hopefully not one that’ll look out of place once the day has passed. It’s the result of my ongoing studies of the artifice of trees, and using AI image-making processes to migrate to analogue print processes. I’ve been leaning into more overtly graphical textures, with some of the qualities associated with woodcut and lino. Most of this remains in my digital scrapbooks, but it struck me that there was an opportunity for a simple Valentine’s piece in the mix here. 

The heavy, heavy stock it’s printed on is entirely accidental. I’d ordered it ages ago, never opened the pack, and grabbed it to get these down. Only on opening it up did I realise that not only were there about half the number of sheets I thought I had, but they were too thick to roll into postal tubes. I used them anyway. I go with the flow. 


About the Artist

Alastair is a graphic design graduate of NCAD and the Royal College of Art. He’s worked as a designer, and design educator, for far too long to dwell on. Interested in process and materiality in printmaking, he’s previously worked in letterpress, but returned to screen printing in 2017.

Often found devising an image-making technique, and then discovering ways to undermine, abuse, and subvert it. Loves a happy accident. Disinterested in rigorous adherence to consistency in a world of perfect reproduction. Which is convenient.

Frames can be purchased through Damn Fine Print in black, white and natural wooden finishes, here. Bespoke framing is also available. Please note framed orders must be collected from the store and can't be shipped.

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